SPC560B-DIS - Discovery Kit for SPC56 B line

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The SPC56 B line is designed to address the specific need of car body applications but as well many other markets where high-temperature operation, high reliability, low power standby operation with a quick wake up and real-time loads diagnostic are required.

Based on SPC560B54L5, the discovery board includes a JTAG debugger from PLS, LEDs, push buttons and extension headers to connect prototyping boards or additional modules.


  • SPC560B54L5 32-bit 48 MHz e200z0h CPU, 32-bit Power Architecture Technology CPU, 768 kB Code Flash in an LQFP144 package- Onboard USB-JTAG    PLS debugger and HW selection mode to use stand-alone JTAG debuggers
  • Board power supply: through external +12 V PSU or from the USB bus (5 V supply voltage)
  • Seven LEDs: D6 for 5 V power on, D2 for Reset, D101, D102, D103 for PLS debugger section, D7 and D8 for PC3 and PC2 outputs
  • Two push buttons (reset and user)
  • A potentiometer for ADC input (user)
  • Two extension headers (2 x 36 pin - 100 mil) for all LQFP144 pins and for quick connection to prototyping boards, additional modules and easy probing.
  • JTAG interface (2 x 7 male 100mil connector)
  • USB port (mini -B)
  • 16 MHz crystal

Key Features

  • Board size 100 x 65 mm
  • MCU: SPC560B54L5 - LQFP144
  • 2 extension headers 2 x 36 pin - 100 mil
  • DC connector (+12 V input)
  • Mini USB - B
  • JTAG 2 x 7 - 100 mil connector

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