STM32F411 BlackPill Development Board

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This compact STM32F411 development board features the STM32F411CEU6, this chip has 512KB of ROM, 128KB of SRAM and runs at 100MHz. There is a spot on the bottom for SOIC flash memory, which allows you to solder SPI flash memory to give yourself more space for data logging or file storage.

The board features a Type-C connector and a 3.3V 100mA LDO regulator. Also, a diode is connected in series to prevent power backflow. There are both 25Mhz 9pF high-speed and 32.768Khz 6pF low-speed crystals on board.

Board Features
  • STM32F411CEU6 100Mhz, 128KB RAM, 512KB ROM
  • 25MHZ high-speed crystal & 32.768Khz 6PF low-speed crystal
  • Immersion gold technology and lead-free, gold-plated pin headers, more environmentally friendly
  • Flash pads have been reserved and USBDisk & FATFFS routines are provided
  • Support MicroPython programming, provide usable MicroPython firmware
  • Support Arduino programming
  • Support C language programming development
  • Version V3.0, there are 3 buttons: reset button, BOOT0 button, user button
  • Provide CMSIS-DAP firmware, which can be turned into a download burner
  • Use the latest original ST chip, high-quality crystal oscillator

STM32F411 "BlackPill" Development Board Pinout Diagram


Extra Information

Adafruit Industries
53mm x 21mm x 5mm

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