STSPIN820 STM32 Nucleo Stepper Motor Driver Expansion Board

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The X-NUCLEO-IHM14A1 motor driver expansion board is based on the STSPIN820 monolithic driver for stepper motors. It represents an affordable, easy-to-use solution for driving stepper motors in your STM32 Nucleo project, implementing motor driving applications such as 2D/3D printers, robotics and security cameras. The STSPIN820 implements a PWM current control with constant OFF time adjustable via an external resistor and a microstepping resolution up to the 256th step. The X-NUCLEO-IHM14A1 expansion board is compatible with the Arduino UNO R3 connector and the ST morpho connector, so it can be plugged to the STM32 Nucleo development board and stacked with additional X-NUCLEO expansion boards.


Extra Information

Operating voltage:
7 to 45 V
Output current:
up to 1.5 Arms
Fine tuning microstepping up to the 256th step

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