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SWPA8040S330MT - 33uH 2A 20% 7.8MHz 8x8x4mm SWPA Series Wire Wound SMD Power Inductor

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Wire Wound SMD Power Inductor – SWPA Series, Operating temperature range: -25~+120 (Including self-heating)

Key Features
  • Magnetic-resin shielded construction reduces buzz noise to ultra-low levels
  • Metallization on ferrite core results in excellent shock resistance and damage-free durability
  • Closed magnetic circuit design reduces leakage flux and Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI)
  • 30% higher current rating than conventional inductors of equal size
  • Take up less PCB real estate and save more power

Extra Information

DC Resistance:
0.097 Ohm
Min. Self-resonant Frequency:
7.8 MHz
33 uH
Heat Rating Current:
1.80 A
Saturation Current:
2.05 A

Warranty Information

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