MLX90640 Far Infrared Thermal Image Sensor Array (32x24 Res) FOV 110x75 TO-39

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This 32x24 pixel device is suited to safety and convenience applications that include fire prevention systems, smart buildings, intelligent lighting, IP/surveillance cameras, HVAC equipment and vehicle seat occupancy detection.

It has a -40C to 85C operational temperature range and can measure object temperatures between -40C and 300C. Maintaining high levels of precision across its full measurement scale, this infrared sensor delivers a typical target object temperature accuracy of +-1C.
It also exhibits superior noise performance.

Unlike microbolometer alternatives, the sensor does not need frequent re-calibration, thus ensuring continuous monitoring and lowering system cost. The Melexis MLX90640 is supplied in a compact, 4-pin TO39 package incorporating the requisite optics. An I2C-compatible digital interface simplifies integration.

Key Features
  • -40 to 85C operational temperature range, allows deployment in difficult industrial environments
  • Can measure object temperature between -40 to 300C
  • A typical target object temperature accuracy of 1 degree, precision across its full measurement scale
  • NETD of just 0.1K RMS at a 1Hz refresh rate
  • No re-calibration needed to specific temperature requirements ensuring greater convenience and lowering operational expense
  • Field of view (FoV): 110x75 degree wide angle
  • 4-pin TO39 package incorporating the requisite optics
  • I2C compatible digital interface, simplifying integration

Extra Information

Melexis Technologies
Voltage Supply:
2.9V ~ 3.6V
Operating Temperature:
-40C ~ 85C
-40°C ~ 85°C:

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