TOP267EG - 132kHz Integrated Off-Line Switcher with EcoSmart Technology 6Pin eSIP-7C

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TOPSwitch-JX cost effectively incorporates a 725 V power MOSFET, high voltage switched current source, multi-mode PWM control, oscillator, thermal shutdown circuit, fault protection and other control circuitry onto a monolithic device.

Key Features
  • Energy efficient over entire load range
  • No-load consumption below 70 mW at 230 VAC achievable
  • Up to 750 mW standby output power for 1 W input at 230 VAC
  • Multi-mode PWM control maximizes efficiency at all loads
  • 132 kHz operation reduces transformer and power supply size
    • 66 kHz option for highest efficiency requirements
  • Accurate programmable current limit
  • Optimized line feed-forward for line ripple rejection
  • Frequency jittering reduces EMI filter cost
  • Fully integrated soft-start for minimum startup stress
  • 725 V rated MOSFET
    • Simplifies meeting design derating requirements
  • Auto-restart limits power delivery to <3% during overload faults
    • Output short-circuit protection (SCP)
    • Output overcurrent protection (OCP)
    • Output overload protection (OPP)
  • Output overvoltage protection (OVP)
    • User programmable for hysteretic/latching shutdown
    • Simple fast AC reset
    • Primary or secondary sensed
  • Line undervoltage (UV) detection prevents turn-off glitches
  • Line overvoltage (OV) shutdown extends line surge withstand
  • Accurate thermal shutdown with large hysteresis (OTP)

Technical Specifications

Power Integrations
Number of Pins:
Through hole
Breakdown Voltage:
725 V
Max Duty Cycle:
78 %
Max Input Voltage:
265 V
Max Input Voltage (AC):
265 V
Max Operating Temperature:
150 C
Max Power Dissipation:
103 W
Max Supply Voltage (AC):
265 V
Min Input Voltage:
85 V
Min Input Voltage (AC):
85 V
Min Operating Temperature:
-40 C
Min Supply Voltage (AC):
85 V
Nominal Supply Current:
1.7 mA
Number of Outputs:
Output Power:
103 W
Output Voltage:
19 V
Power Rating:
137 W
Switching Frequency:
132 kHz

Warranty Information

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