UDOO Neo Barometric/Altimeter Temp Sensor Kit

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UDOO_Neo_Barosensor is the part of UDOO BRICKS product series, these BRICKS boards are attached onto the UDOO Neo Development board, following the cascade configuration, thus allowing multiple integration of such UDOO BRICKS.

This current version of UDOO BRICKS, features measurement of Atmospheric pressure, altitude based on MPL3115IC with very high precision without any need of separate sensor modules to snap on the main board.

Minimal form factor and cascading plug in features of the board makes the UDOO Neo development board a standalone single brand embedded setup for any type of prototyping projects. The hardware of the sensor is fully supported by the snap-in I2C connector for fast data transfer rate and avoid bottle neck situation of the data transfer during rapid change in sensing environment.

For better result and conformity of the hardware usage,use 3.5m long wire to connect UDOO BRICKS to each other.


• Based on High precision MPL3115 IC
• Support I2C snap In connector
• Cascading connection between each boards

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