Ultra-Low Power Sulfur Dioxide SO2 Analog Gas Sensor Module

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Quickly integrate Sulfur Dioxide sensing into your system with very low power consumption and a simple analog sensor signal output. The ULPSM converts the Sulfur Dioxide sensor’s linear current signal output to a linear voltage signal, while maintaining the sensor at its ideal biased operation settings.

Key Features
  • 0 to 3 V Analog Signal Output
  • Low Power Consumption <45 uW
  • Fast Response
  • On-board Temperature Sensor
  • Easy Sensor Replacement
  • Standard 8-pin connector
  • Fixed Industrial Safety Monitoring
  • Portable Industrial Safety Monitoring
  • Portable Personal Safety Monitor
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Air Purification Control

Extra Information

SPEC Sensors
Measurement Range:
0 to 20 ppm
0.15 ppm
Power-On Stabilization Time:
60 minutes recommended
Lower Detection Limit:
0.3 ppm
Response Time T90:
< 30 seconds
< +- 2 % of reading
Target Gas:
Sulfur Dioxide SO2

Warranty Information

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