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USB-RS485 is a compact USB to RS-485 converter Model. This is very useful for connecting a legacy RS485 device to USB port of PC. The module provides non isolated output. It adds additional COM port to a PC. It is compatible is with standard PC COM port with all hardware handshaking signals.

Key Features
• Adds a new COM port to PC
• USB 2.0 Complaint
• Powered by PC
• Windows 2K, XP, Vista compatible
• Software driver included (COM driver)
  1. USB cable connection to USB port
  2. RS-485 connection: DB -9 connector with 2 core cable for D+, D-, SH (CABLE SHIELD)
Application Area:
Industrial Automation, Building Automation, Office Automation, Point of Sale, Medical etc.

Extra Information

Ambetronics Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Baud Rate Supported:
9600 kbps to 38400kbps.bps
Data bits:
7, 8
Stop bits:
1 ,2
Operating Voltage:
5VDC derived from PC USB connector
70mm (W) x 40mm (H) x 20mm (D)

Warranty Information

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