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WGD-100 - Battery Operated Wireless Combustible or Toxic Gas Detector | PESO Certified | City Gas Distribution

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The WGD-Series Wireless Gas Detector is a complete stand-alone system with integrated battery. These WGD-series along with the Local Receiver Unit SIG4RCV are one of the recent technologically upgraded products, which work on GSM/GPRS systems and can easily interface with Oxygen, Methane, Combustible & Toxic gas sensors.

They eliminate the use of physical cables that were required for signal / data transfer between the conventional detectors & multi-channel monitors.

Highlighted Features of WGD-series device are:
- Battery or Solar powered – Optional (Based on Application & Use Case)
- SMS and Email alert / notification.

These wireless data communication features integrated within these devices, use the constantly evolving technologies related to the Internet of Things – IoT category.

Applications of Wireless Gas Detectors
• Refineries & Petrochemical plants including offshore drilling & plant shutdowns.
• District Regulating Station (DRS), Meter Regulating Station (MRS) & Gas Downstream & Gas Upstream Skid
• Wastewater Treatment plants
• LPG/PNG or Hydrocarbon Storage Tank/Bullet Farms
• Leak detection in Gas Pipelines
• Process or Emission gas analysis
• Sewage plant
• Coal Mines
• City Gas Distribution Station & Skids
Note: The Entire Solution would be needing a Smart IoT Gateway(SIG) for the proper functioning of the Battery Powered Wireless Gas Detector, without the Smart IoT Gateway (SIG) – the solution will be incomplete.

Comprehensive Solution For Wireless Gas Detection

Wireless Gas Detectors (WGD-100) | Toxic Gas Detector | Combustible Gas Detector | Battery Operated Wireless Gas Detector | PESO Certified
Wireless Gas Detectors (WGD-100) | Toxic Gas Detector | Combustible Gas Detector | Battery Operated Wireless Gas Detector

Extra Information

Ambetronics Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Power Mode:
Up to 10mW during detection (WGD2MSB)
NDIR technology -Sensor Life-8 Years
Data Transmission:
Up to 300mW (WGD2MSB)
Response Time:
Less than 30 Sec
LCD Display:
128x64 pixel graphical display
Temperature Range:
-10 C to 50 C
Relative Humidity:
10% to 90% RH, Non- Condensing
4G GSM Connectivity: Dual SIM card
Up to 3.0 dBi
Range & Resolution:
Gas: Methane (CH4); Range: 100 % LEL; Resolution: 1
Power Supply:
i) 7.4V Rechargeable, Li-ion battery ii) Solar System (Optional)
Protection Class:
IP-66 for GAS Gr. IIC CMRI Approved
Cabinet Material:
Cast Aluminum, LM-6
2 settable alarms, sensor fault, open, over
Healthy Alerts:
Daily Multiple SMS notification of device status
Battery status, sensor fault and alarm status

Warranty Information

All the products supplied by Evelta are genuine and original. We offer one year (365 days) replacement warranty in case of manufacturing defects. For more details, please visit our cancellation and returns page.