YM-24 Series USB3 Female Socket Dual IP67 Waterproof Data Connector

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YM series connectors,using high-end injection molding PBT material,ensuring stable performance,multi-core design of the product,while meeting the needs of a number of power and signal equipment,the central shell distinctive logo,highlighting the latest design.

Key Features
  • Multi-core design styles(2-24 cores),in line with the diversity of industrial demand,signal and power compatible match.
  • PBT material of the protective housing,with characters of fire safety,compression,anti-explosion and anti-deformation
  • Gold-plated contacts,high-strength corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity,effective response to temperature changes in current.
  • 1/4 quick bayonet coupling,simple operation,easy installation.
  • Dustproof cover design under off-working condition.
  • 25A rms current rating.
  • Protection level:IP65/IP68

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YM Series Core Advantage

YM Series Features

YM-24 RJ45 Series Appearance Dimensions

The New Breakthrough Type YM-24

YM-24 Series Six Major Breakthrough

Diversified Choices and Wide Range of Applications

Misplug-proof Design Match Exactly

Steady Seamless Upgrade 

Advantage of gear connection, After being locked 100 Kg tension will prevent no fall off, prevent cable damage

Excellent Performance, Professional and Advanced


Improved Electric Clearance, Prevent Short Circuit and High Electrical Conductivity 

Ingenuity Craftsmanship

High Standard Materials 

YM Series More Features


Extra Information

Linko Electric
Protection Level:
Operating Voltage:
Withstand Voltage:
Temperature and humidity:
-40~80C, 40C, 85%RH
Mating cycle:
1700 times
Connecting Mode:
Quickly bayonet connect

Warranty Information

All the products supplied by Evelta are genuine and original. We offer 14 days replacement warranty in case of manufacturing defects. For more details, please visit our cancellation and returns page.