YZ-20 Series 500V 20A 3Pin Female Socket IP67 Metal Shell Waterproof Power Connector

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YZ-20 connector, using zinc alloy shell structure and pure gold plating contacts, meets the application requirements of high-grade products, uses rotary locking, safe and firm, which is widely used in different fields. Compact components, simple operation, fast and stable connection, IP67 rated outdoor waterproof performance. Satisfy the quality and meet the environmental protection requirements of international industrial equipment. The quick plug design allows one-hand plug/unplug. The copper needle of the power is adopted gold plated technology, which can resist corrosion and suitable for high low temperatures.

Key Features
  • Zinc alloy shell, with complete electromagnetic and radio frequency interference protection, while meeting the matching needs of high-end products.
  • 1/4 buckle connection mode, stable and safe.
  • Fast and simple nut-type design locking system, skid-proof human design of outer ring.
  • The suspended dust cover design effectively prevents foreign bodies from entering the non-working state, has high safety performance and easy operation.
  • The precise structure ensures the safety and stability of the connection performance.
  • Flange panel is used for installation, which is convenient and stable.

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YZ-20 Series Core Advantage

YZ-20 Series Connection Graph

YZ-20 Series Features

YZ-20 Series Appearance Dimension

CNLINKO - YZ-20 waterproof power connector

Extra Information

Linko Electric
Rated Current:
Operating Voltage:
Withstanding voltage:
Number of Pins:
Contact resistance:
< 1mohm
Contact dimension:
Phi 2.7*3
Mating cycle:
> 1700 Times
Insertion and extraction force:
6N Max
Protection Level:
Temperatur e and humidity:
-40~80C; 40C, 85%RH
Screw torque:
42-53 (N.m)
YZ Series
Connector Size:

Warranty Information

All the products supplied by Evelta are genuine and original. We offer 14 days replacement warranty in case of manufacturing defects. For more details, please visit our cancellation and returns page.